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╭┈ヾValentines Hyo, The Cupid Leopard🐆💘| Personal License Only | PC + QUEST

╭┈ヾValentines Hyo, The Cupid Leopard🐆💘| Personal License Only | PC + QUEST

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➡️ This model uses VRCFury , Poiyomi Pro, and Creator Companion!

Please install these before purchase.

"I might KILL my ex..."

↳ Join My Discord For More Information and to see her showcase !!

Some pictures are from my community!!

Essential Features:

↳ Phys Bones everywhere: Ensuring realistic movement and interaction across the model.

↳ Poiyomi Shader Compatibility: This model is carefully crafted with the polished and reflective attributes of the Poiyomi shader, ensuring its appearance harmonizes effortlessly with various environments.

Shader Used: poi_Pro_7.3.50_UpTo_9.0.46

↳ Full-Body Compatibility: Tested and optimized for full-body tracking setups.

↳ Enhanced Mesh Visibility: Edited bounding boxes prevent mesh occlusion, ensuring consistent visibility.

Gogo locomotion: This locomotion prefab was developed to enhance the default controller, offering additional features such as toggles to disable leg movement or jump animations.

You can switch between various poses to mimic full-body tracking, including the ability to sit or lay down anywhere.
It includes a built-in play space feature that adjusts your character's height, making it ideal for smaller characters.
With special game loco toggles, you can enable advanced movement options tailored for gaming maps.

Includes both TPS and Non-TPS Versions for versatility.

Offers both Fair and Tan Skin options within the package.

Features custom idle animations to imbue the avatar with lifelike presence.

Physbone Reactions

Headpat her and she is happy! Hearts will come out!

Booping Nose will make eyes go crossed!

Hair Pulling face reaction. Pull her hair and she will be mad or shocked! How could you!?
Squishy Cheeks that someone can poke! Your FACE has physbones on your CHEEKS!!

Head Nuzzles! Hearts come out when someone nuzzles your head! You NEED to toggle this on first!

Left and Eye Poking Reaction, eyes close when trying to poke the eyeball

Turn off reactions! You can turn off headpat, boop, or eye poking all separately. (This helps turns off the boop, head pat and eye poking receivers)

Outfit Customization:

↳Clothing Options: Collar, Fishnet Top, Fishnet Skirt, Leggings, Pants, Heels (toes will stay tippy toed), Crown, Wings, Dagger, Chain Top, Waist Chain

↳ Outfit + Accessory Hues to change pink colors on model into other shades of the rainbow

↳ Toggleable Wings

Simple Ears + Tail Toggle for Hyo to get rid of them

Body Adjustment Options

↳ Eye Hue for different shades of eye color

↳ Skin Hue: Transform your complexion from fair to radiant tan with ease!

Hair Customization

↳ Alternate Bang Options: 3 Bangs to toggle from! Straight, Side, Left

↳ Main Hair Hues: Main hue can change your hair into different color styles! 29 Different colors!

↳ RBG Hair Hue! You can change the hair to different RBG's!

Rainbow Mode! This will make your hair automatically change colors on its own! This also works on the fur!

Emission Slider! You can change the strength of your emissions in your hair!

↳ Glitter Slider! You can change the strength of your glitter in your hair!

Quest and Optimize Compatible Versions

Comes with Quest Compatible Versions for Main and Opt!

Quest textures may be low quality to fit vrchat's standards.
Not all toggles work with Quest, so please note that! It is extremely limited. Lots of stuff has been removed!
Quest Version was made with the intent on Optimization and Standard Quality

Additional Features:

↳VR Pole Dancer Compatibility: Toggleable pole option for immersive VR experiences.

↳ Custom Menu Icons: Personalize your interface with custom icons for easy navigation.

↳ Unique Emojis: Access exclusive custom emojis to enhance your virtual interactions.

↳ Toggleable FingerTrails

FingerTrail Hue to choose different colors from the rainbow!

↳ Toggleable Pole! First you enable it and then place it world once you find a good spot for it! It follows your head.

↳ Cat follower! Toggleable !!

Cat Hue! You can change the pink to other colors.

Toggleable Halo!

You can interact with the Halo as well! You are able to just simply grab it from your head and place it onto someone elses head or leave it in the world.

↳ Toggleable Leash! You are able to toggle it, it will appear in front of you and then you can grab it and place it onto someone! If you reenable it, it will reset!

↳ Leash Scale! You can change the size to it!

HI-5 Toggle to give someone a hi-5! It will make a clap sound and stars will come out! This needs to be toggled on, use OPEN HAND and it only works when interacting with someone elses hand.

Package includes

  • FBX, Prefab ready, toggles and animations.
  • Includes SPS version and NON-SPS version.
  • Blender file is NOT included in this package. 
  • Open the 'OPEN ME' File to have access to the models!

     😊 Faces

    • 6

    🔘 Toggles

    • 30+

    ✨ Texture Memory

    • MAIN |  76 MiB
    • QUEST | 10 MiB
    • NOTE: Quest Memory has to be 10 MiB, if the texture increases due to script changes then please manually reduce the texture sizes !

    🛑Outfit Polygons

    • MAIN | 356,943
    • QUEST | 296,243

    🟣Outfit Materials

    • MAIN | 65
    • QUEST | 39

    🔷 Outfit Mesh

    • MAIN | 26
    • QUEST | 19


    • Main / Quest - 🔴 Very Poor

     🦶Fullbody ❓

    • Yes! This model was made with the intent to support VR Fullbody! However, everyone has different proportions so model's height may be differ depending on the individual.
    • No refunds if your height isn't compatible. You will need to adjust in vrchat.


    • SPS Only! This model does NOT use DPS. You do NOT need to import Raliv RPS for this model! SPS/TPS works with poiyomi pro/toon only!!

    Which Poiyomi ❓

    • PRO VERSION: poi_PRO_7.3.50_To_9.0.42 for this model
    • Doesn't come with package. Need to be purchase separatedly
    • Look under the instruction guidelines, it will provide you the info.

    Quest Compatible ❓

    • Yes! This model does come with a Quest Version, however, It's extreely limited.
    • I do apologize but the Quality of my models are mainly aimed for PC/VR Users.
    • The Quest version won't be 100 percent compatible with the MAIN outfit due to limitations and due to me using the UV Tile Discard set up / Using Poiyomi Shader. 

    OPT Version ❓

    • Nope!
    • If you wish for an OPT version for clubs, Please consider purchasing Hyo's other package!

    Uploads Available ❓

    • Yes! Join my server for that! It's 10 bucks! Need to request by ticket!

    Dynamic Bones Or Physbones ❓

    • Physbones Only!

    Unity ❓

    • Unity 2022.3.6f1

    SDK ❓

    • Update to Most recent SDK that has 256 Parameters or else, you will have issues. 

    EXTRA ❓


    * All products are NOT allowed to be reused or taken from my model.*
    * You cannot take the edits and resell either. *
    ✰ Hyo Outfit - Vinuzhka, Cupkake, edit by dippindotty
    ✰ Hyo Hair - Saikura#0006, nikkie#0088, edit by dippindotty
    ✰Hyo Accessories - Vitalitywolf, Eggly69#6969, alexis70, edit by dippindotty
    ✰ Hyo Body/Head/Wax/Textures - Tori | とりにゃん#1295, Sugs#9795/ZinPia, Douji#1350, Ying#6669,, edit by dippindotty
    ✰ Hyo Piercings - ђ๏ɭɭy#4868, edit by dippindotty
    ✰ Hyo Ears/Tail - м.#7777, Cupkake#6666, edit by dippindotty

    ✰ Hyo Leopard Tattoos - dippindotty
    ✰ HI5/Halo/Leash - ThatFatKidsMom#6462, holoexe
    ✰ Follower - Beartrap#0321, edit by dippindotty
    ✰ Hyo Pole -