Updated F.A.Q for 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Access My Digital Models/Assets?

How to Log in?

Make an account here! https://www.dippindotty.com/account

Make sure you use your purchase email for any items you previously have gotten!

From there, an account will be made.

How to access the models?

If you have just purchased, all your models will show up there! There should be a giant pink button that you can click and it will

If you have previously purchased beforehand through my old sellfy shop, CONTACT ME and I will manually assign your order again!

Do You Do Uploads For Your Models?

Yes! I provide upload assistance for my models. Please join my Discord server for detailed information about the uploading process before purchasing a model. This ensures a smooth process for both of us and saves time.

Upload Payment:

The upload fee is $10. Please ensure you have the funds ready before contacting us.

Steps to Take:

⤹ First, Join the server!

⤹ Go to Support Channel!

⤹ Read the instructions on there for uploads!

Please refrain from rushing anyone, as I may get extremely busy.

Join my server for assistance!

Quest isn't working or showing up purple?

Some of my models may come with a quest version!

Quest is extremely limited and SFW ONLY! Not all toggles work on it etc: any hue shifts, Special toggles, Hair stuff, extra stuff like PC has (from toys to extra clothing)! None of my models are meant for quest exactly.

Quest is mainly meant for Optimization and Standard Quality! Not good to show off toggles or other stuff PC users may have!

Please note this before purchasing. My model is mainly aimed for PC users!!

How to fix?
It's best to link the quest with quest if it isn't working for PC! Keep PC for PC only since it's FX is different from Quest. Follow the instructions for them in their packages but instead of linking to PC, just upload it to quest instead and use Quest when around quest users, PC around PC users!


Please note that refunds are not available for digital software products. Once an order is placed, it is considered final, and no refunds can be processed. All sales are therefore deemed final.

Customers are prohibited from refunding a model to take advantage of subsequent sales or discounts. Attempting to do so will result in a ban from future purchases.

What if I accidentally purchased twice?

Partial refunds will ONLY be issued if customers have messaged us regarding accidental double purchases. Please send a ticket through my discord's support channel with proof of the double purchase!

Partial refunds may be issued instead of full refunds due to the operation of our affiliate program and transaction fees incurred through platforms.

Intentional misuse of affiliate links for the purpose of obtaining refunds is not permitted and undermines the integrity of our system.

Customers who have utilized a discount code or affiliate link at the time of purchase may not be eligible for refunds, as these incentives are considered part of the transaction.

Can I refund based upon the height of your models?

No. All models are designed with the intent to support VR Fullbody experiences. However, individual body proportions may vary, affecting the model's height. A refund will not be provided solely due to discrepancies in height.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to ensure fair and transparent transactions for all customers.

Please remember: All purchased are final!

Don't click the Buy button without reading all Terms of service.

Uploading Models To others

Our products are strictly for personal use only, and sharing them with others is prohibited. However, if you have purchased a group package, you may provide a singular package to another person (e.g., if you buy the Fish Girls package, you can give them the Catfish model while retaining the Goldfish model for yourself). Please be aware that by doing so, you relinquish your license to the transferred package. If you wish to transfer a package to someone else, please have that person delete or upload the model and then contact us with their information. Please note that this can only be done once. If you are unable to upload the model yourself, you may ask a friend who has also purchased the package to assist you.

Are my models legally protected?

Yes, all of my models are legally protected. Any violations of the terms and conditions will result in DMCA takedowns on platforms such as Discord, VRChat, and other websites where the models may be distributed.

Which Unity version should I use?

Please use Unity 2022.3.22f1 exclusively for the optimal compatibility and performance with my models.

Previously, we used Unity 2019.4.31f1. However, VRChat has now updated to Unity 2022.3.6f1 or Unity 2022.3.22f1! (whatever one vrchat is now using!)

You can download the updated version here: https://unity.com/releases/editor/whats-new/2022.3.22

Ensure to also download and install the Creator Companion, which contains the latest VRChat SDK. This tool will provide future SDK updates and assist you in the migration process.

If you need assistance with migration, please refer to this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHtxDCzO0ak

Additionally, you can download the VRChat software from their website: https://vrchat.com/home/download

When opening a new project, ensure to install the Gesture Manager and Avatar 3.0 Manager.

Make sure to use the correct Unity version!

Are my models legally protected?

Yes, all of my models are legally protected. Any violations of the terms and conditions will result in DMCA takedowns on platforms such as Discord, VRChat, and other websites where the models may be distributed.

Editing Dotty Models?

You are allowed to edit Dotty models according to your preferences.

However, sharing the model or any of its assets with a third party for editing purposes, whether for free or commissioned editing, is strictly prohibited. The only exception to this rule is if the third party purchases the content themselves or receives it as a gift from this store.

Reuse of Edited Assets/Base

You are not permitted to reuse any edits made by me for any of my models. However, you may use these edits for your personal models only. It is important to note that these edited assets cannot be made public or used for commercial purposes.

Can I Make Your Models Into an OC?

You are allowed to create an original character (OC) using my commercial models. However, please refrain from requesting an intellectual property (IP) license for the OC derived from my models. 

It is strictly prohibited to create an OC from my private models or models intended for friends. Recreating these models or using them as a basis for your OC is not allowed.

For instance, models like Hyo and Naughty, which are commercial models, can be purchased and used as OCs for yourself or your friends. However, Dotty's OC, the half-demon-half Shiba Inu featured in the home page art or Dotty's art in Discord, is not available for use.

Please respect that you cannot claim someone else's OC as your own, and copying their OC is strictly prohibited.

Commissions Inquiry

I do not currently take commissions. I'm sorry, but I don't have the available time. While I occasionally handle requests from friends, these are rare. If I do decide to open for commissions in the future, I will make an announcement. At present, I am focused on ensuring I can deliver quality work made entirely from scratch.

Thank you for your understanding!

How do I find the correct poiyomi to use?

To determine the correct Poiyomi shader for your model, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Product's Page
  • Scroll down to the descriptions section of the model.
  • Find the poiyomi description, it will say which number to use for the specific model!

Example: If you're using Blakie, The Femboy Bunny Avatar, the description will specify which Poiyomi shader to use.

Please Note: It's important to understand that I am not responsible for any issues related to the Poiyomi shader or its usage. It's your responsibility to use the correct version and follow Poiyomi's instructions. Utilizing an incorrect version may result in materials appearing as purple, animations malfunctioning, or UV tile discard being reset or broken, which you will need to fix manually. Please ensure you carefully follow the instructions provided.

Do I need to HAVE to use Poiyomi Pro?

Yes. You have to use what I recommend. If you don't and stuff breaks, I am not helping you.

How can I get it?

Poiyomi PRO is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately. Poiyomi Pro is $10 on Patreon!

Poiyomi TOON is free though!

To acquire Poiyomi PRO, visit the Patreon page https://patreon.com/poiyomi and follow the instructions provided by Poiyomi.

It is recommended to join Poiyomi's Discord for access to all the shaders (Pro&Toon).

Troubleshooting Poiyomi Shaders

In your unity project...

  • Go to Hierarchy
  • Click the Models prefab
  • Right-click it
  • A Lil menu will pop up, Go To Thry
  • From there, go to it's Material
  • Unlock All (this should restore textures and resolve any purple textures)
  • Lock All (then lock it in place and this helps reduce poiyomi upload time!)

➜ Watch My Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jw67ufis-4

If issues persist, delete the OPTIMIZE folders created when materials are locked. Then switch to Poiyomi Pro and lock it.


If you've already checked and confirmed you're using the correct version of Poiyomi PRO / TOON, but certain elements still appear purple, it's likely that the model utilizes the Mochi shader for those specific assets.


  • Fishy's bubbles/particles for the trident use the Mochi shader.
  • Spoon utilizes Mochi for particles.

You can download the most recent shader package here:

Always ensure you're using the latest shader package for optimal performance.

"Can I Make Your Avatars Public?"

No. None of my avatars, including the free models, are allowed to be set public.

If it isn't in my world, it shouldn't be around.

World: https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_7f85dab2-1462-4cb4-9ee5-d307881f0f42

Remaking of my stuff/assets?

No, you cannot copy my assets or models. You are only permitted to purchase the original assets listed in the credits. However, you cannot use my edits for commercial purposes or resale. They are strictly for personal use.

You are also prohibited from remaking any of my models, whether old or new.I do not resell IP licenses.

Copying Assets between Avatars

To copy assets from one avatar to another, I recommend using Pumkin's Avatar Tools. You can access the program by joining their Discord server.

Join Pumkin's Discord server to get the program:

Dynamic Penetration System (DPS) Installation

To utilize the Dynamic Penetration System (DPS), import the specified version for the model, which is RalivDynamicPenetrationSystemV1_31.

You can download it from the following link: https://raliv.gumroad.com/l/lwthuB

Please note: You may skip this step if the model doesn't require DPS. This information should be available on the model's page.

For installation instructions, please refer to the guide: https://www.dippindotty.com/guide/

Troubleshooting DPS and Body Shifts

DPS Lighting Issues:
DPS has its own lighting, and sometimes it may appear strange in certain worlds due to realistic reflections and lighting variations. Each world has a different lighting setup. To troubleshoot, try visiting a different world to see if the issue persists.

World Lighting Interference:
If some DPS features don't work or your body shifts unexpectedly, it could be due to the world's lighting. Realistic lights in some worlds may interfere with the DPS system. To test this, try another world and see if the issue persists.

Installation Troubleshooting:
If the issue persists and it's not related to the world's lighting, something may have broken during installation. Ensure you're using the most updated SDK and the correct Poiyomi Pro version. If you're unsure which version to use, check the Gumroad link of the avatar you purchased; it should specify the required version.

Fixing the Penetration System:
To ensure the penetration system works correctly:

  • import RalivDynamicPenetrationSystem.
  • After importing, navigate to DynamicPenetrationSystem Plugins and double-click 'RalivPenetrationForPoiyomiPro',
  • then press import. This should resolve any issues with the DPS.

Avatar Dissolve Feet Issue

If some elements disappear when you adjust your avatar's height, it's likely due to the dissolve settings being configured for a specific height. To resolve this:

  • Navigate to your Poiyomi materials in Unity.
  • Scroll down to the special effects section.
  • Edit the "Point-to-point" setting to address this issue.
  • Adjust the start point (keep it negative) and end point (keep it positive) to match the desired height.

Please note that I cannot keep changing avatar's points. Everyone has different heights and wishes to be different scales. You will need to manually change the dissolve yourself if you wish to be a different height than what the model currently is.

Viewpoint Change? Resize Avatar?

If you're looking to change your viewpoint or resize your avatar, check out this video for guidance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdcmTI6zCL8

Important Note Regarding Avatar Height:

All models are designed to support VR Fullbody experiences. However, individual body proportions may vary, affecting the model's height. A refund will not be provided solely due to discrepancies in height.

Avatar Recommendations for Height Changing

My models tend to work better for shorter individuals, as I am 4'11" myself. Please refrain from requesting stylistic changes to my models, as I prefer to maintain my artistic vision.

For optimal avatar usage, I recommend the following:

  • Lock Hip or Lock Head, NEVER Lock Both.
  • Avatar Height measurement type is recommended (symbol on the LEFT).
  • Ensure your in-game height accurately reflects your real-life height.

How To Achieving 'Stick-Straight' Legs:
Before calibrating, set your in-game height to 2 inches above your real-life height. After calibrating, adjust your in-game height back to your true height.

Additional Adjustments:
Further adjustments may be necessary to match the model to your own proportions. Learn how to make these adjustments here: https://youtu.be/yGc0if7dSWA

Nitro Benefits

By boosting the server, you'll gain the Nitro role, and access to Nitro assets will be unlocked for you.


Usage of Nitro Assets:

Please note that while some Nitro assets may be available for commercial use, it needs to be explicitly stated. However, not all Nitro assets will be available for commercial purposes. Additionally, all avatars are strictly not available for commercial use.

Before boosting, please ensure to read and follow the specific rules associated with each Nitro asset, especially regarding commercial use.

Avatars Access:

Boosting the server grants access to the avatars. However, once you stop boosting, you won't receive any further updates on the avatars.

Unable to Access Nitro Updates:

If you're unable to access Nitro updates, it's likely because Nitro updates are exclusively available to those who are actively boosting the server. If you've stopped boosting, you won't be able to receive updates.

Alternate Payment Options

If PayPal or credit card payment methods are not functioning properly on my websites, I offer the following alternative payment methods:

  • Cashapp
  • Ko-fi

You will need to request it by contact or within my discord's support!


Discount and Sale Policy

  • I do not offer random discounts or sales upon request.
  • Recommendations for discounts or sales are not accepted.
  • Discounts or sales are not provided if the total purchase value exceeds $300. Please do not ask me.
  • Discounts or sales are not made by demand.

Important Note:
  • Discounts or sales are solely at my discretion.
  • Discounts or sales are only offered when I choose to do so.
  • Please refrain from spreading discount codes. You will be banned.
  • I kindly ask for your respect towards my policies and work.
  • Thank you for understanding and valuing my efforts.

My project keeps generating prefabs instead of uploading the model! What's happening?

If your project is continuously creating prefabs instead of uploading the model, it may be a couple of things!

Does Your Model Have a Pen?

It may just need to be updated!

Since the VRChat SDK updates randomly, the VRLabs pen functionality may be affected sometimes. To resolve this issue, you'll need to delete the VRLabs marker folder and import the latest updated version of the VRLabs marker.

You can find the latest version of the VRLabs marker here:

Additionally, before uploading your model, ensure that it does not already include a pen. You can verify this by checking the model's page. The description should specify whether a pen is included

Does Your Model Use VRCFury or Modular Avatar?

Don't know, check it's page!

Install these if needed be and try reuploading! VRCFury | Modular Avatar

Does Your Model Use Mochi Code?

Some of my older models use this script! It gets outdated sometimes, I apologize! Please try this and see if it uploads!


  • Fishy's bubbles/particles for the trident use the Mochi shader.
  • Spoon utilizes Mochi for particles.

You can download the most recent shader package here:

Still don't know? Ask in my discord!

Gesture Manager (Missing Prefab)

Requirement in Scene for Model to Work?

No, you do not need this in your scene for the model to be uploaded. You can delete it if it was left there.

Gesture Manager is only necessary for testing the models during creation. It mimics the functionality in VRChat and is used for testing purposes. You can obtain this through Creator Companion.

VRCExpressionParameters has too many paras defined

You may need to update your sdk! Make sure to follow the instruction rules!

Exception in VRCSDK Preprocess Avatar Callback Callback

This error is likely related to your Poiyomi shader and the SDK version compatibility. To resolve this issue:

  • Use the recommended Poiyomi shader provided on the Gumroad page.
  • Ensure you're using an updated shader version.
  • Verify that you have the 3.0 SDK or an updated version installed for the model to function properly.
  • Delete the Poiyomi folder entirely before re-importing it.


EXTRA Stuff will follow this installation guideline.
  • Press Yes to Thry/Lighting pop up in Unity
  • Press OKAY to materials that aren't locked in Unity if you are having issues uploading! (however, you should lock them to make sure your model uploads faster. It literally will take 2 hours if shit ain't locked lol!)

Still confused? Contact v.i.a my discord's support!


Some models or assets may need VRCFury or Modular Avatar Installed. It should say it on their page !!  

Please make sure to install it!


How to fix?

Go into wholesome lollipop and change it's material back to whatever the body material is! Sometimes SPS Doesn't export correctly if the shader is using 7.3!