Updated for 2024

Strictly follow the prescribed sequence to avoid any complications. Open the arrows to receive further instructions for each step!

STEP 1: Creator Companion

Download and install Creator Companion! This will ensure that you have the latest VRChat SDK within it for Avatar Uploading. This tool will provide future SDK updates and assist you in the process.

If you need help migrating, please refer to the tutorial video

Here is the website to download it from: https://vrchat.com/home/download

Make sure to install the Gesture Manager and Avatar 3.0 Manager when opening a new project!

Make sure to use the correct Unity! 


STEP 2: Installing Scripts

DOWNLOAD and Install VRCFURY into Creator Companion (C.C).

DOWNLOAD and Install Wholesome SPS into Creator Companion (C.C).

DOWNLOAD and Install MODULAR AVATAR into Creator Companion (C.C).

STEP 3: Import Poiyomi. 

Please look at the AVATARS DESCRIPTION page to see if the model uses POIYOMI TOON or PRO Shader. If it says it is updated to TOON, then use the TOON version that is provided with the purchased package.

Please note that Poiyomi PRO Script/Shader is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately. Poiyomi Pro is 10 bucks on patreon! I do not own this shader so NO, I will not give the PRO out. It's a private shader!

To acquire Poiyomi PRO, visit the Patreon page https://patreon.com/poiyomi and follow the instructions provided by Poiyomi, The Person Themselves. It is recommended to join Poiyomi's Discord for access to all the shaders once purchased!

Make sure to link your discord to your patreon! I cannot assist with this!

Ensure you select the correct version of Poiyomi PRO specified for the model. Refer to the avatars page for the appropriate version.

Please Note: I am not responsible for any issues related to the Poiyomi shader or its usage. It is your responsibility to use the correct version and follow Poiyomi's instructions. Using an incorrect version may result in materials appearing as purple, animations messing up, uv tile discard being resetted/broken, which you will need to fix manually. 

Please follow the instructions.

For TOON, if the model uses TOON , it will come with the FREE Toon Shader in the package. Please use that version! It's recommended to use TOON to TOON Package and PRO for PRO Package!

If you are having issues, check out the FAQ Page!

STEP 4: Import The Avatar Package

Import my model into your project. Please be patient as it may take some time for the import process to complete.

Once everything is imported, open the "Open Me!" scene in your project. This scene contains all the prefabs for the models. Note that it is not a folder but a scene file.

STEP 5: Locking Materials

In your Hierarchy, find the Models prefab and right-click on it.

  • Select "Thry" -> "Material" -> "Lock All" to lock some of the materials automatically.

However, please note that you may still need to manually lock certain materials in your materials folder if it doesn't upload! I have locked all materials before exporting, but unity likes me only so much...

To ensure a smooth upload process, it is crucial to lock all your materials. This step prevents any animation issues or undesired changes to materials during the upload process.

Go to the models folder (e.g., the model's name or animal name folder), then check each material in the materials folder to confirm that your model is locked and ready for upload.

If you fail to lock materials, the Poiyomi shader may cause issues and significantly slow down the model's upload process. Please take responsibility for locking materials properly.

Please Note: The locking process may take some time, as mentioned by the Poiyomi shader documentation. Please be patient during this step.

STEP 6: Quest Avatars

Quest steps to uploading:

  1. Create Project (This step may be skipped of Quest already comes in the file!)
  2. Import Quest Model (This step may be skipped of Quest already comes in the file!)
  3. Open up Build Settings under File (Located on the Top Left)
  4. Change PC, Max & Linux Standalone to Android (Video has more explanation! Or You are able to switch it with your SDK!)
  5. Click the Android and Switch Platforms (You are able to switch it with your SDK!)
  6. Press the 'OPEN ME' within the packages
  7. Grab the Blueprint ID from the PC version of the model (You may need to upload the PC version first and then grab the blueprint from that and put it onto the Quest version OR You can just upload the quest version separatedly!)
  8. Upload Model!

If you are creating quest avatars, please refer to the tutorial videos provided for guidance on uploading them. These videos cover topics such as creating a new project and converting a PC avatar into a quest-friendly one.

  • Creator Companion
  • Make a new project
  • Watch the video below! Most likely, you will just need to change your PC Project into an ANDROID Project

Recommended videos: 



Firstly, Does your Avatar need DynamicPenetrationSystem (DPS) imported? Check their page!

If so, Import the DynamicPenetrationSystem (DPS) by downloading the version specified for the model, which is RalivDynamicPenetrationSystemV1_31.

You can obtain it from the following link: https://raliv.gumroad.com/l/lwthuB

After it is in your project:
  • Locate the RalivDynamicPenetrationSystem folder in your project and navigate to Plugins.
  • Double-click the 'RalivPenetrationForPoiyomiPro' script to import it. This step ensures that DPS works properly in your project.

 You may skip this step if the model doesn't need DPS added. It should say on the models page if it needs it! This is mainly used for older models!

Some models or assets may need VRCFury or Modular Avatar Installed. It should say it on their page !!  

Purple Issue?

If the model appears purple, it may require additional shaders. The model will provide information on which shaders are needed.

EXTRA Stuff will follow this installation guideline.
  • Press Yes to Thry/Lighting pop up in Unity
  • Press OKAY to materials that aren't locked in Unity if you are having issues uploading! (however, you should lock them to make sure your model uploads faster. It literally will take 2 hours if shit ain't locked lol!)

Still confused? Check out the FAQ Page or contact v.i.a my discord's support!

Quick 8 AM Import