Problems? Concerns?

For any problems or concerns, please ensure that you have read the T.O.S. page before reaching out to us.

When contacting us, please use the following format to ensure efficient handling of your inquiry. Failure to do so may result in dismissal of your email:

  • Discord #:
  • Vrchat Name:
  • Model purchased:
  • Discord of friends (if applicable):
  • Vrchat Name of friends (if applicable):
  • Does your issue pertain to a specific model? If yes, please specify:
  • Please provide a detailed explanation of the problem you are experiencing:
  • Unity version being used:
  • Exact shader details (including whether it is Pro or Toon):
  • SDK version being used:
  • Have you read and understood the T.O.S?
  • Have you checked the F.A.Q. section on our Discord for assistance before reaching out?

All fields must be answered to ensure an accurate solution. Simply copy and paste the format and provide your responses. You are able to skip some stuff if it doesn't concern your question or inquiry!

Please note that we are not responsible for any errors in address input during checkout. Additionally, in the event of a lost package, kindly contact the carrier for resolution.

Reporting an Illegally Uploaded Model/Asset

If you find a public version of one of my models that shouldn't be, please message #┋support with the following format:

○ Avatar ID:
○ Uploader's ID:
○ Which model did they upload illegally?
○ World Link: (If it's in a world)

How to Grab the IDs for DMCA:

Step 1: Go to and go to Avatars

Step 2: Click on the picture of the model. It will show you the name of the model and the author.

Step 3: Copy the link and paste it under Avatar ID.

Example: Avatar ID:

Step 4: Click onto the Author's name. It will lead you to their ID

Step 5: Copy the link and paste it under Uploaders ID.

Example: Uploaders ID:

Step 6: Send all that to #┋support and Dotty will be able to DMCA it!

Thank you!

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