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For That Bratty One - Gift Card

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For That Bratty One - Gift Card

When someone is just being a little brat and you ain't got the time to please them. Gift them this! I mean, it's the thought that counts! Just make it rain on that bratty one to show them some love!


Once purchased, you will receive an email with a code. You can give that code to your friend/person you are gifting, and they can use the code to buy what they want from my shop! The code is put in the 'Discount Code' field at checkout! 

Please be mindful of taxes. (VAT tax specifically)

Clarifications: You as the purchaser need to fill in all of your own information when buying the gift card. Once you get the code, you can give it out to whomever you want, and that person needs to fill in all of their info when purchasing/using the gift card code! Thank you!