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╭┈ヾIce Cream Bunny 🍨🐇 [Hair + Ear Asset]

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╭┈ヾIce Cream Bunny 🍨🐇 [Hair + Ear Asset]


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From scratch cute bunny set by me!
Hair and Bunny Fluff uses Velvet's Hair Textures!

UV Mapped to Velvet's Hair Texture. 

  • Package Includes
      • Contains Textures and Material set up in Unity, Prefab, and FBX.
      • Contains 5 Materials under Unity Package
      • Comes with Texture Files
      • Comes with Blender File
  • FBX:
  • Materials:
      • 5
  • Polys:
      • 70k
  • Texture Resolution:
      • 2k
      • Some Textures have been lowered in Unity to 1k for better VRAM, to have more detail, please click the material and change the resolution to 2k


  • You may NOT sell this unless you purchase the COMMERCIAL LICENSE for it. 
  • You are allowed to edit as please, but not allowed to resell the asset on its own. You are only allowed to sell it on a COMPLETE MODEL! Please give credit though!
  • You are allowed to put this asset on:
      • PERSONAL Model (if purchase a standard license)
      • COMMERCIAL / COMMISSION Model (if purchase a commercial license)
      • PUBLIC Model (if purchase a commercial license)
      • Free and Nitro Models are PROHIBITED. (Not allowed basically)
      • Giveaway Asset/Model options would need to be discussed with me. Contact me at dippindotty on discord.
  • You are PROHIBITED from reuploading this to other websites.
  • You are PROHIBITED from giving out this asset for free, even if its on a completed model.
  • You can put this asset on any model as please!
  • Assets and models made by Dotty can be used for VTubing with proper credit.
  • Asset Farming from purchased models OR models made by Dotty is prohibited.
  • Any item sold by Dotty is required to be credited and hyper linked.
  • Credit must be given. Please use my discord, dippindotty, and link my website,
      • Example: dippindotty( or dippindotty
      • If you are using this for a public model, please credit me in the description! <3

Important Notes:

Hair Lighting may differ in different lighting sources!

Hair Lighting may differ in different vrchat worlds!

Make sure to read T.O.S before buying!

Created with Blender, Substance Painter and Unity

By purchasing any of my Models/Assets you agree to the following rules above, if said rules be broken, you are a subject to be taken action against according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).


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